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Our Mission Statement The Arkansas Tea Party, Inc. locates, identifies, assists, supports, and endorses responsible candidates for local, state, and national political office. All candidates receiving our endorsement commit to support, defend, and uphold our core political positions: * Government at all levels must work within the confines of the powers entrusted to it by the Constitution of the United States. * Those elected or appointed to serve as representatives should be good stewards of the public treasury. Responsible fiscal policy will achieve economic growth by encouraging productivity, not by subsidizing failure and irresponsible behavior. * Public servants will engage their constituents and be accountable to them. Any candidate or representative who undermines these positions will receive neither our support nor our endorsement. Purpose The Arkansas Tea Party, Inc. is a non-partisan political action committee (PAC) established to solicit, collect, and distribute funds in order to execute the Mission Statement and achieve the following goals: * Limited government * Conservative fiscal policy * Accountable elected officials Action Plan The Arkansas Tea Party, Inc. will raise funds by soliciting donations through its website and by holding fundraising events. These funds will be used to: * Identify races that lack a quality candidate who espouses our ideals. * Identify and recruit quality candidates for those races. * Support and campaign for quality candidates at all levels of government. * Provide venues for elected officials to engage their constituents. * Monitor elected officials performance to ensure accountability to their constituents.

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