Group logo of Aiken County Tea Party
Aiken County Tea Party

We are a movement not a political party. Our goal is to spread small government ideals around Aiken County and to promote good government. Our mission is to spread, promote, & inform the public of Conservative ideals. Our Ideals: ¢ Personal respo

Group logo of Aiken Patriots
Aiken Patriots

small group of patriots dedicated to educating ourselves and others about our true history and current political events. Our Mission Raise Up America Restoring American integrity, Spirituality and Entrepreneurship

Group logo of Aitkin Tea Party
Aitkin Tea Party

I put on Tea Parties in the Aitkin area.

Group logo of Ak Kp Citizens 4 Responsible Waterfront Land Use
Ak Kp Citizens 4 Responsible Waterfront Land Use

Group originally formed for the repeal of an ordinance passed in May of 2012. Due to committed effort we are facing possible resolution of our primary issue and are looking to other activities in 2013 There are other groups on the Kenai Peninsula,

Group logo of Akron Tea Party
Akron Tea Party

Akron Tea Party

Group logo of Alabama Patriots
Alabama Patriots

CHRISTIAN - Conservatives who believe in the FREEDOM to exercise our unalienable rights given to us by our CREATOR. We will be searching for others who believe as we do and who would be willing to seek public office and vote our beliefs. In 2012 we

Group logo of Alabamans For Limited Government
Alabamans For Limited Government

A brand new Tea Party group!

Group logo of Alamance Conservative
Alamance Conservative

Now is the time to support lower taxes and less government. Alamance Conservative is working to promote community awareness and enthusiasm to get involved in "the process."

Group logo of Alameda County Tea Party
Alameda County Tea Party

Tea Party Members in Alameda County.

Group logo of Alamogordo Tea Party Patriots
Alamogordo Tea Party Patriots

Citizens united for govenment reform.

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We are constantly updating this information regarding our local groups around the country. Be assured that we are working to correct any outdated or incorrect information

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