Group logo of Abilene Tea Party Rally
Abilene Tea Party Rally

Freedom loving Americans

Group logo of Acadiana Patriots
Acadiana Patriots

The purpose of the Acadiana Patriots is to inform, educate and motivate Americans of the Founding Fathers principles of freedom, to advance public policy consistent with those values, to motivate others to become better informed, to engage with those

Group logo of Actions Group
Actions Group

Fiscal Reasonability, Moral character and a commitment to good change that actually makes sense. Action not just words are what get the job done. Proposals and real solutions are what we are all about, whether you are a Conservative business person o

Group logo of Acworth Tea Party
Acworth Tea Party

Local Tea Party group in Acworth, GA. I will start this local Party by hosting a house Party for 8/12. I will invite my neighbors and friends and if I fill my house I will move it to another location. Fortunately we have various centers around town t

Group logo of Ada Tea Party
Ada Tea Party

Contact organizer Catherine White

Group logo of Adktp

Adirondack Tea Party Patriots (ADKTP) Is a group dedicated to preservation of our way of life in the 6 million acre Adirondack Park we call home, and our right to live our own lives as we see fit. Open to everyone who vacations here, own's a second

Group logo of Advocates For Liberty
Advocates For Liberty

Our Mission: To mobilize, educate, and motivate the electorate to embrace and preserve freedom--both economic and personal freedoms. What is a Liberty Group? The Dayton Tea Party's vision of encouraging local citizen awareness and participator

Group logo of Agenda 21 Enders - Agenders
Agenda 21 Enders - Agenders

Dedicated to education about UN Agenda 21 Get the US out of the UN Get the UN out of the US End Agenda 21, sustainable developments

Group logo of Agenders

We are about ending Agenda 21,(the UN) from taking control of the USA and making a NWO. Defend the Constitution, and save the Republic

Group logo of Ahwatukee Tea Party
Ahwatukee Tea Party

The East Valley Tea Party Patriots are dedicated to Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets. Go to our website to find out the closest weekly meeting and other activities in your area. We have several meetings to choose from. Plea

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We are constantly updating this information regarding our local groups around the country. Be assured that we are working to correct any outdated or incorrect information

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