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12 TEA of Cortland/Tompkins County NY (912TEACTCNY) is a group of concerned citizens. T.E.A stands for Taxed Enough Already. We are not a third party, we are not affiliated with a political party. This group formed out of concern for the direction th

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99Th District Tea Party

The 99th District Tea Party represents the area generally considered the Northern Neck of Virginia. That is, Northumberland, Richmond, Lancaster, and Westmoreland counties. In addition, we have membership from Essex and King and Queen counties. We

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A Patriots Stand

Our interests are knowing and keeping our American history alive. Preserving the Constitution as supreme law of this nation is what we aim to do. The way to effectively do this is to stand up for the people, as the people. "The Constitution is th

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A Phalanx Of Patriots

Evaluators of the political conscience and their management of our economical financial systems private and public infrastructures that determine the demise or edification of our nation and its people.

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A Threat To The American Way Of Life

We need to act with unrelenting determination at stopping those forces, those elements in government which are undermining our Democracy, defiling the Constitution and threatening our American way of life in every respect.

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Aasu Patriots

A coalition of the Objectivist Party of Georgia and the AASU Libertarians.

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Abe Lincoln Tea Party

Tea Party members are in El Paso County, Texas

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Abigail Adams Tea Party Patriots

The Abigail Adams Tea Partys Patriotic Calling As American Women and Patriots we will honor, respect, and defend the United States Constitution. We support limited government, fiscal responsibility, transparency, free markets, personal responsibilit

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Abilene Tea Party

This is a grassroots group, looking for individuals who are passionate about their country and her restoration, and also looking for experienced leaders who have attended other Tea Party events. Email me for more details,

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Abilene Tea Party Coalition

We advocate: 1. Limited federal government in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. 2. Limited state government in accordance with the state constitution. 3. Governmental fiscal responsibility. Free market economics; i.e., free

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We are constantly updating this information regarding our local groups around the country. Be assured that we are working to correct any outdated or incorrect information

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