Group logo of 9 12 Glenn Beck Group
9 12 Glenn Beck Group

ORGANIZE, EDUCATE & MOTIVATE Karon Nunes - organizer 772-919-5662

Group logo of 9 12 Tea Party Sc
9 12 Tea Party Sc

A Tea Party that embodies the values and principles of the 9/12 movement. We don't just hold rallies. We are pushing back.

Group logo of 9-12 Pocatello Tea Party
9-12 Pocatello Tea Party

Join us in the celebration of our Liberty and Constitutional rights! Send a message to our elected representatives: ?WE THE PEOPLE are your employers. You work for us. We hired you, we can fire you!? Saturday, September 12, 2009 Optimist Park 912

Group logo of 9-12 Project Of Jones County
9-12 Project Of Jones County

Group of like minded people desiring our government to operate within the confines of the U.S. Constitution and a return of the Country back to its founding principles.

Group logo of 9-12 Tea Party of Haywood County NC
9-12 Tea Party of Haywood County NC

Over 800 patriots... focused on local, state and national issues... and making a difference. Please Join Us! -Economic freedom -Personal Freedom -Debt Free Future

Group logo of 9-12 We The People Of Monroe County Mo
9-12 We The People Of Monroe County Mo

A Group of conservative citizens who feel this Gov is over spending, and generally disregarding our wishes. We do not want the Gov. in our business.

Group logo of 912 Conyers
912 Conyers

We are a 912 group, who support the efforts of the Tea Party Patriots and we are engaged in an educational program, including meeting candidates, other speakers to energize and educate. We are also engaged in the battle to help reduce the size and s

Group logo of 912 First Landing Patriots
912 First Landing Patriots

We are Americans who believe in limited government, community and personal responsibility. We believe the only way to restore and preserve our God-given American liberty is to become Constitutional thinkers. Gain an understanding of the principles an

Group logo of 912 Fort Worth
912 Fort Worth

Based upon 9 principles and 12 values, our groups is determined to make a difference by getting people up off the couch and getting them to take action. We work closely with other groups for large events such as Dallas and Burleson Tea Parties.

Group logo of 912 Loveland Colorado
912 Loveland Colorado

We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Message of Life Misintries, 605 18th Street SW, Loveland, CO. For more information see "Upcoming Events" on our website. Join us for our next meeting and

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