Group logo of 1773  - Steamboat Springs, CO
1773 - Steamboat Springs, CO

Please join us at for information on events and meetings.

Group logo of 1776 Restoration Project
1776 Restoration Project

A group designed to restore the foundation this country was built upon. One that sees to bring honor to all of those that had fallen, for the sake of freedom. Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of s

Group logo of 1St Kona Tea Party
1St Kona Tea Party

Kona's oldest and most active street rally , boots-on-the-ground , flags-in-hand activst patriots . Strong minded , undignified , un-abashed Old Glory wavers , Independent of the HRP !

Group logo of 285 Corridor Tea Party
285 Corridor Tea Party

The goal of the 285 Corridor Tea Party is to engage citizens in the political process and bring about political change.

Group logo of 4 Corners Liberty Restoration Groop
4 Corners Liberty Restoration Groop

We are a 9.12 group that formed about a year ago.

Group logo of 405605 Tea Party Patriots
405605 Tea Party Patriots

Our Mission is to build a group of like minded activists to work energetically to bring adherence to the Constitution, minimal government, capitalistic approach to a free market for business, and a foundation on Judeo-Christian values.

Group logo of 46Californian

Tea Party Patriot of the 46th California Congressional District

Group logo of 5280 Mile High Tea Party
5280 Mile High Tea Party

5280 / Mile High Tea Party support: Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Free Enterprise System, Religious Freedom, Value of lIfe-from womb to tomb, Family Values, Freedom of Education

Group logo of 6Th District Constitutional Patriots
6Th District Constitutional Patriots

The Constitutional Patriots mission is to educate people of; the concept of liberty and freedom, our rights and responsibilities, and the enumerated powers for a limited government prescribed by the United States Constitution. Then exercise that know

Group logo of 76262 Tea Party
76262 Tea Party

76262 Tea Party represents Denton County including 5 precints: 400;401;411;413;417 The purpose is to educate the citizens and get out the vote. The group offers concerned citizens an opportunity to make a difference regarding political and cultural

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We are constantly updating this information regarding our local groups around the country. Be assured that we are working to correct any outdated or incorrect information

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