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Huge Tea Party!! Inverness Florida October 10TH 8 AM until crown disperses. ( Official website as seen in Washington ) Fight for your child's rights and our Veteran's rights and your rights which are all hand in hand!! I an American Soldier ( Ret ) and I want to know, where is my Tax money??!!! Why did Obama Light The Empire State Building In Chinese Honor of their crooked 60 years of Communism?? WHY??? and In Red and Yellow Chinese Communist Color, why Damn it?? WHY!!!?? Why are there concentration camps being built in America?? WHY?? Why are there millions of plastic Coffins outside of every major city?? WHY?? Why Did Bush And Others Bring Down The Trade Centers??? WHY??? The WAR IS NOW!! WHY? BECAUSE IT'S TIME HAS COME TO FIGHT!! Freedom Is Not Free and UN American Invaders Are In Our White House, That is WHY!!! Where is your Birth Certificate Obama, you are not my president, you are an Illegal Alien!! OBAMA = LIES and Deceit as this country has never witnessed since Vietnam!!! I represent millions of Veterans such as myself, Try to make me take a vaccine, Try to come unto my land without Warrant I DARE YOU. Let The War Begin NOW in My Private Drive!! 4534 E Harvard Dr. Hernando Florida. 34442!! I am waiting you crooked Government socialists, Bring It On!! Meet on October 10TH Saturday 8AM until when-ever it dies down, Please Do Not Miss This Event. Local and State and Federal Government Are Now Being held in contempt of the people and they are losing big, but we mustn't stop until we win!! God bless my American Patriots of all American Parties. Presidential candidate 2008-2012 ( R ) Independent. Stephen J Miller.

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