Whats a girl supposed to look like …?

I’m a girl and I own guns! In fact, I own several. Guns are the ultimate accessories. Every morning I make a decision of which gun I will carry that will go with what I’m wearing. This is so surprising to people. I recently decided to go to a local store to buy another, um … accessory. I told the salesman I had my CCH (Conceal Carry Holder license), because I knew it would save me time with the background check. As I handed the license to him, he stared at me like I was from Mars. He looked at me then my license and then back at me and said, “Uh, you don’t look like you have a conceal carry!” I responded with, “What am I supposed to look like?” He laughed without responding and went back to the paperwork.

This wasn’t the first time I have encountered this response. It made me think, why is there a stereotype for people who have guns? I’m a wife, a mom and a teacher. I clip coupons, bake cakes and wear lip gloss. I don’t have one piece of camo clothing in my closet. Being a girl doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy owning, shooting and carrying a gun. I’ve gone through plenty of training, so I know how to shoot! I’ve taken marksmanship classes and defensive shooting classes. I practice at ranges and in practical shooting situations. I hope that I never have to pull my gun to defend myself or my family but I feel good knowing I have the knowledge and training if it is ever necessary.

Don’t let being a woman stop you from taking charge. Take some classes, get a gun and learn to defend yourself. Being able to defend yourself is the ultimate in sexy…

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