Calling all Conservative Women

We are looking for conservative women of all stripes to record a 15-20 second video with the following components:

  • Use the word conservative (do NOT use Republican, Tea Party, or Democrat, etc. We are trying to reach as many people as possible).
  • Do whatever suits your own style (whether you are a student, a veteran, retired, etc.).
  • Say something about why we don’t need government taking care of us – examples are, “I paid my own way through college,” or “I live within my means,” etc.
  • Say something about you – examples are “I have a degree in Business,” or “I am a stay-at-home mom (by choice!)”, etc.

Here is a great example:

(Note: Her video is already edited together. Don’t worry about that! Just film it and send it!)
Instructions for submitting videos:

  • Film 15-20 seconds – you don’t even need a video camera – you can film this on your smartphone!
  • Upload to You Tube and choose the “restricted viewing” setting.
  • You Tube will give you a link to share. Send this link to You can also send it as a file if you wish.
  • Please write “Conservative Women Video” in the subject line of the email.
  • The deadline for video submission is Wednesday, April 25, by midnight. It will take time to edit the videos together so we need them turned in as soon as possible.

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