Obamacare: An American Horror Story.

Aug 22, 2014

Stethoscope, Band-Aids, Life Line, ObamaCare symbol

More bad news about Obamacare. A recent New York Federal Reserve survey [1] reveals that employers are choosing to hire more part-time workers rather than full-time workers because of the rising health care costs of Obamacare. Moreover, that same survey showed…

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TOPLINE: Stuff You Need to Know for Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aug 21, 2014

Newspapers staked with eyeglasses on top

Guatemala’s Human Smuggling Network is Big Business For ‘Coyotes’ Guatemala’s shadowy human smuggling network is run by a highly sophisticated organization that more closely resembles a corporation with a profit-sharing program than a ragtag band of criminals. “Coyotes” — the…

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