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Report: Congress needs to close $10 billion gap in government spending

The government is spending so far past its budget limits that Congress is about to encounter a record gap. New projections show that the government is on track to spend $10 billion more next year to continue current government operations without changes, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The report means that Congress will have to make some serious cuts. The Daily Signal reported: With government spending authority set to expire Oct. 1, Congress was expected to pass a makeshift spending measure known as a continuing resolution. To avoid breaking the $1.07 trillion spending caps established in the budget agreement of October ...

Congress considers legislation to block Obama admin’s “ransom payments” to Iran

A new bill introduced today would stop the Obama administration from handing over billions of dollars to Iran. Sen. Marco Rubio will introduce the new legislation, which would both halt all payments of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Iran and force Iran to return billions that have already been delivered. The Washington Free Beacon has the report: Rubio’s bill—a version of which is also being introduced in the House by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.)—would mandate that Iran pay American victims of terrorism some $53 billion in reparations for past attacks planned and coordinated by the Islamic Republic. The legislation comes amid a growing ...

Tea Party Patriots on the Passing of Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly

Don’t tread on me: Tea partyers making their voices heard in communities across the country

FBI to release its report advising DOJ not charge Hillary Clinton in email scandal

District judge orders State Department to release Clinton, White House emails from Benghazi attack

Hillary Clinton emailed classified information post-stint as secretary of state

IRS inspector general admits to not notifying taxpayers of stolen social-security numbers

Study: More women, minorities applying for concealed-carry permits

Gov. Rick Perry just shared the reason why he’s joined “Dancing With The Stars” and it will melt your heart

Former Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) is already waltzing his way into the hearts of Americans nationwide after officially announcing on Twitter why he’s joined the latest season of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” “I’m dedicated to helping #veterans however possible, and I’m going to use @DancingABC as a stage to do that. #DWTS,” Perry tweeted Tuesday morning. The former leader of the Lone Star State has a history of reaching out to and showing his appreciation for our military men and women, including in 2015 helping an Army green beret suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after his six deployments cope with the loss of his ...