Monthly Archives: March 2013

Communal monks may have revived individual liberty

Mar 31, 2013


Or so described George Will last November: If courts once again become properly impatient with nonsensical explanations, much of what government does will become untenable. It is lovely that revitalized protection of the individual rights of property and striving may…

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Interest payments, America’s silent killer

Mar 30, 2013


When discussing and debating federal spending, liberals focus on defense spending and some subsidies. Conservatives focus on everything else. However, a new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report discusses something many politicians and pundits miss – the fiscal threat of interest…

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Cyprus’s suicide pact

Mar 28, 2013


In the last three weeks, the fiscal calamities in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and other nations have been overshadowed by a much smaller, yet potentially more disastrous nation’s fiscal problems: the financial sector of Cyprus. Compromising some 70% of Cyprus’s economy,…

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